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Occupational Therapy

General Information

Occupational therapy helps restore independence

It’s the everyday activities that are important in life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive occupational therapy program at Goshen Rehabilitation to help you regain your independence and enjoy life again.

Road map to recovery

We know you want to get back to your daily routine and live life on your terms. A treatment plan tailored specifically for you helps you achieve your rehabilitation goals. Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury, have developmental delays or other conditions, your plan helps you:

  • Manage chronic swelling (lymphedema)
  • Get relief from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis (tennis or golfer’s elbow) or other hand, wrist and elbow conditions
  • Recover from broken bones, tendon injuries or other traumatic injuries
  • Adjust to chronic or acute physical disability
  • Learn how to use recommended assistive equipment for dressing or bathing
  • Improve physical abilities and problem-solving skills after a stroke or brain injury

After orthopedic surgery, we guide patients through vital steps to recovery and pain management. We work with you to build a personalized treatment program that’s based on research to ensure you get the right treatment for your condition. In addition, we work with caregivers and families to make sure you have the ongoing support you need.

Our approach to occupational therapy

Everything we do at Goshen Rehabilitation is centered around taking care of you. That means we do more than treat an injury – we consider the whole person. We work with you one-on-one to assess your challenges, capabilities and goals and guide you through recovery.

Our occupational therapists treat a range of conditions. We offer specialized treatment methods developed from evidence-based, best practices and in collaboration with our Orthopedic Surgeons.

  • Cancer treatment rehabilitation
  • Extremity rehabilitation
  • Chronic swelling (lymphedema) management
  • Neurological rehabilitation (Parkinson’s disease, MS, other neurologic conditions)
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Swelling of extremities, face or neck from venous insufficiency or obesity
  • Treatment of work-related injuries

Pediatric occupational therapy

Kid’s play – that’s what we call occupational therapy for our younger patients. Our pediatric occupational therapists work with children from birth through their teen years to improve their coordination, fine motor skills, feeding and balance.

Conditions we treat include:

  • Autism-spectrum disorders
  • Developmental delay (fine and gross motor development)
  • Neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation

Close to home or work

We have several locations to make access to our rehabilitation services convenient for you. Our facilities are equipped with the resources our team of rehabilitation experts needs to help you get back to living life again.

We can help

Find out how our team at Goshen Rehabilitation can help get you back to the best of life. Call (574) 537-0962 or (855) 432-8493.

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