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Rotator Cuff Tear

General Information

Your rotator cuff is a group of shoulder muscles and tendons that keeps your shoulder stable and allows you to lift and rotate your arm. A rotator cuff tear means that you’ve torn one of the tendons. These can be partial or complete tears.

Continuing to use your shoulder in sports or other activities after you notice rotator cuff pain can make the tear worse. See an expert at Goshen Orthopedics for a prompt diagnosis. Our board certified, fellowship trained providers offer our patients an exceptional level of care, close to home. We can diagnose and treat your rotator cuff tear with compassionate care and expertise. Call (574) 534-2548 to make an appointment today.

Did I tear my rotator cuff?

Rotator cuff pain is the main symptom of a tear. If the tear happens over time, the pain will gradually worsen. You may only notice it when lowering or lifting your arm or lying on your shoulder.

If the tear is sudden, you’ll feel severe pain very quickly. You may also notice a snap or pop with immediate weakness.

Gradual rotator cuff tears are caused by tendon degeneration as you age. Repetitive shoulder motions, such as overhead movements, can irritate the tendon and cause an overuse injury. Sudden tears usually happen because of a trauma, such as jerking to lift something heavy or a fall.

Treatment for complete and partial rotator cuff tears

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine specialists can diagnose your rotator cuff injury and create an individualized treatment plan.

Rest is the most important part of your rotator cuff tear recovery. We may also recommend anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen. Physical therapy can help restore movement and strength. Goshen Rehabilitation is attached to our office, and our staff will conveniently coordinate your appointments to be on the same day.

If your shoulder pain persists, you may need corticosteroid injections or rotator cuff repair.

Throughout every part of your healing, rely on our team to prioritize your well-being and quality of life. We understand that you want to get back to your normal activities as soon as possible and work to make that happen.

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