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Shoulder Pain

General Information

Have trouble lifting your arm? Have a nagging ache in your shoulder? Shoulder pain can present itself in a variety of forms and put a damper on your everyday activities.

Along with dull or sharp pain, you may also notice other symptoms, such as:

  • Warmth in your shoulders
  • Pain in your neck, arm or back
  • Muscle stiffness and weakness
  • Difficulty moving your shoulder

With compassion and expertise, trained Orthopedic specialists at Goshen Orthopedics can relieve your shoulder pain. Call (574) 534-2548 to begin personalized Orthopedic care.

When to seek immediate care

Sometimes, shoulder pain can be a sign of a heart attack. Call 911 if you experience shoulder pain along with other heart attack symptoms, including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest tightness, pain or pressure
  • Pain in your jaw, neck or abdomen

If you can’t move your arm or have sudden and intense pain, swelling or deformity in your arm, visit urgent care at Goshen Health. Urgent Care Goshen Physicians offers professional care seven days a week for all of your urgent medical needs.

What’s causing your shoulder pain?

Inflammation, whether it’s in the joints (arthritis), tendons (tendinitis) or fluid-filled sacs (bursitis), is a common cause for shoulder pain and discomfort. Pinched nerves, shoulder dislocations, bone fractures and sports injuries can also lead to pain, muscle stiffness and limited mobility.

With thorough exams and advanced imaging technology, your Orthopedic specialist can provide an accurate diagnosis and find the source of your shoulder pain.

Let us heal your shoulder discomfort at Goshen Orthopedics

We always provide a comprehensive and individualized approach to relieving your shoulder pain. After a thorough physical examination and any necessary imaging, we may treat your shoulder pain with:

Our leading-edge Orthopedic center offers both medical and non-medical treatments, providing you with options that meet your preferences.

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