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Sleepless nights and breathing problems can bring on a double dose of ailments that affect everything in daily life. Energy levels, mood swings, how your body heals and your overall well-being are challenged when you struggle with sleep and allergy issues.

You can get the relief you desire with treatment from our specialists at Goshen Physicians Sleep & Allergy Medicine. Our approach to care starts by looking at the real reasons for your restless sleep or trouble inhaling and exhaling a full dose of air. We then design a treatment plan specific to your needs and preferences.

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Sleep disorders and allergies can affect anyone at any age. We treat a wide range of conditions to help you sleep better and breathe easier, some of which include:


Most conditions that interfere with sleep or breathing disorders are treatable, although not all are curable. The treatments and therapies we offer can help you get the relief you want and the rest you need. Some of our treatments include:

Sleep Apnea Quiz

Feel tired all the time? Take this sleep assessment quiz

Here’s an easy self-assessment tool called “STOP BANG” to help you understand if you’re at risk for obstructive sleep apnea. The higher the score on the 8-point scale, the more severe your risk.


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