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Sports Injuries

General Information

A sports injury can keep you from doing what you love or even throw a wrench in your plans for the future. To heal and get moving again, you need a sports medicine specialist you can trust to provide leading-edge expertise and care about your goals and quality of life.

Rooted in the community, our providers partner with local school systems and sports centers to offer expertise close to home. We’re passionate about the well-being and success of our sport medicine patients in Elkhart County and beyond.

If you’re dealing with a sports injury that’s keeping you on the sidelines, call (574) 534-2548 for an appointment.

Treating injuries from football, basketball, soccer and more

Common sports injuries that our sports medicine specialists treat include:

What are the signs of a sports injury? It depends on the injury and the part of the body, but pain, swelling, redness, bruising and difficulty moving or bearing weight on a limb are the common symptoms of sports injuries. The body part may also appear deformed or out of place if you have a fracture or dislocation. Seek medical care if you notice these symptoms.

The sports injury care you need — all at one place

When you come to us with a sports injury, we’ll diagnose the problem and create a personalized treatment plan.

If imaging tests are necessary, Goshen Orthopedics has the latest in X-ray and MRI technology right at our center, saving you travel time. Our providers can order the X-ray right during your appointment.

In addition, Goshen Rehabilitation, which includes physical therapy, is located in the same building. We make your visits as seamless as possible by scheduling your rehabilitation and sports medicine appointments on the same day.

What makes our practice different is the passion you’ll notice as soon as you walk in the door.

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