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X-Ray Orthopedics

General Information

When it comes to your bones, having a detailed image of what’s going on is the best way to make an accurate diagnosis. Along with listening to your symptoms and performing a physical exam, your provider may order an X-ray on the same day to help confirm your diagnosis and guide your treatment plan.

As part of our approach at Goshen Orthopedics, we use X-rays after trauma to learn the extent of the damage, to diagnose an orthopedic condition or to monitor the progress of healing. Trained radiologists at Goshen Orthopedics perform quality X-rays.

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How an X-ray can help

An X-ray can reveal an array of bone conditions, including:

You may receive an X-ray in addition to other imaging tests. Sometimes, to understand the full extent of the condition, you may also need magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a bone scan or a CT scan. In conjunction, the results give your provider a clear image of the internal structures of your body.

Getting an X-ray at Goshen Orthopedics

Your provider will recommend an X-ray if it will help confirm your diagnosis. And if you need an X-ray during your appointment, your provider can schedule your imaging on the same day. With an integrated imaging center in our practice, you can receive your X-ray without having to visit another location. After reviewing your X-ray results, your provider can promptly begin your treatment.

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