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What to expect from Goshen Hospice

We understand quality of life is as important as length of life. That’s why Goshen Hospice focuses on comfort, symptom management and wellbeing for those who no longer wish to pursue treatment for an incurable illness. We provide emotional, physical and spiritual care to treat you, instead of the disease, and honor your goals and wishes every step of the way.

Our hospice care approach

Our holistic approach to hospice care means we:
  • Offer care with respect and preserve dignity
  • Embrace the whole person and family care
  • Provide comfort for loved ones and support for caregivers
  • Give 24-hour access to a nurse through a hospice helpline

Patient eligibility

Patients who have an incurable illness and no longer wish to pursue curative treatment may receive in-home hospice care. Our hospice team will work with your physicians to ensure you are eligible for hospice benefits.

Coverage of costs

Medicare/Medicaid and most insurance companies cover costs for hospice care.

Hospice services we provide

We tailor a care plan to fit your individual needs. Our range of services include:
  • Visits by Goshen Hospice interdisciplinary care team
  • Medications related to illness
  • Medical equipment
  • Medical supplies, including incontinence products
  • Continuous care for crisis periods
  • Inpatient treatment for symptom management
  • Respite care for caregivers
  • Bereavement services
  • Volunteer services

Interdisciplinary hospice team

Our hospice team works together to coordinate in-home care that’s the right fit for you. Healthcare professionals include:

  • Attending physician, who the patient has the right to choose, coordinates care as part of the hospice team.
  • Registered nurse case manager monitors health conditions, administers medication, provides education on the use of medical equipment, advises patients and families on current condition, and offers support and education to the patient and family on symptom management and what to expect at the end of life.
  • Spiritual care connects people to familiar practices from their own faith traditions, facilitates life review and assists in finishing one’s life work, providing a caring ear to the big questions.
  • Social worker provides support and counseling with grief and loss, helps with advance directives and decision making, links families to community resources, provides opportunities for exploring options when caregiving becomes complicated, and links families to volunteers when needed.
  • Medical director coordinates and directs the hospice team.
  • Home health aides provide hands-on care in multiple areas.
  • Volunteers provide patients, caregivers and families with compassionate care and support.

Service area

We care for patients who live in Goshen and surrounding areas.
  • Elkhart County
  • LaGrange County
  • Kosciusko County
  • Noble County

Making a hospice decision

Contact us when you and your doctor agree that you no longer wish to pursue curative treatment. We are ready to provide in-home, skilled medical care and therapy that fit your needs. Caregivers will honor your wishes to make the most of every moment of life and fully live until death.

Signs it may be time to call Goshen Hospice
  • Frequent hospitalizations or trips to the ER
  • Frequent or reoccurring infections
  • Reduced desire to eat, leading to significant weight loss and changes in body composition
  • Rapid decline in health over past six months, even with aggressive medical treatments
  • Decreasing alertness, withdrawal, increased sleeping or mental confusion
  • Inability to perform tasks of daily living, such as eating, walking, using the
  • bathroom, personal cleaning or getting dressed
  • Decision to focus on comfort care
  • Uncontrolled pain
  • Shortness of breath, even at rest
  • Not “bouncing back” after illness
  • Not responding to current treatment or therapy
  • Wounds that do not heal

Deciding to stop hospice care

You and your family drive the plan of hospice care and have the right to choose the type of care you receive. If you decide to try a different approach, your hospice team will work with you and your family to honor your wishes.

Comfort. Care. Compassion.

Please call Goshen Hospice to receive information about our services. We offer support to patients and families 24 hours a day. Goshen Home Care & Hospice, (574) 364-2700.
Fax: (574) 364-2835

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