Heart and Vascular

The journey toward heart disease prevention

Heart health is important to your overall well-being. There are plenty of steps you can take to maintain your heart health and avoid heart disease, a heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions.

If you want to learn how to keep your heart healthy, the experts at Goshen Heart & Vascular Center can help. We can assess your risk and create a plan that works for your personal needs and lifestyle. With a unique approach to teamwork and consultation, our team is dedicated to heart disease prevention in Goshen, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Talk to your primary care provider about a heart screening. If you don’t have a primary care provider, call (574) 537-5000 for a referral.

Heart disease risk factors

Your risk of heart disease increases with age. Other risk factors include:

If you are at risk, see our heart healthy tips and talk to your doctor about his or her recommendations.

Keeping your heart healthy

At Goshen Heart & Vascular Center, we’re dedicated to the health of the local community and reducing heart disease risk factors. We offer a variety of innovative prevention programs, including a smoking cessation program, our Goshen Physicians Center for Weight Reduction and diabetes education. If necessary, our leading-edge treatment options can help get your heart back on the right track.

Partner with our team and make a commitment to your heart health today. Call (574) 537-5000 to get started.

Goshen Heart & Vascular Center helps patients maintain healthy hearts in Goshen, IN, and surrounding areas, including Elkhart, Kosciusko, LaGrange and Noble counties in Indiana and St. Joseph County in Michigan.