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Healing blood clots in the arm

A blood clot is a mass of cells and clotting material. They can develop in just about any part of the body, including the lung, brain and leg. When they affect the limbs, this condition is known as deep vein thrombosis. It’s rare for a blood clot to form in the arm. But when they do, they require expert medical care.

With leading-edge vascular treatment, Goshen Hospital Emergency Department provides acute care for blood clots in the arm in Goshen, IN. We know that providing interventional treatment is key to preventing serious complications. That’s why our emergency room Colleagues carefully diagnose and treat blood clots. Visit our ER on High Park Avenue anytime you need emergency medical care for symptoms of a blood clot in the arm.

Blood clot symptoms

It’s possible to have a blood clot in your arm and not have any symptoms. Common symptoms of a blood clot include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Cramping
  • Warmth
  • Redness and swelling

Most people do not notice symptoms until the clot breaks away and travels to the lung, which presents symptoms such as shortness of breath and coughing up blood.

What causes blood clots in the arm?

From poor circulation to structural abnormalities in the collarbone, a wide range of conditions lead to blood clots in the arm. Risk factors for blood clots include:

  • Immobility, such as prolonged bed rest, having a cast or long periods of sitting or traveling
  • Poor circulation, which allows blood to pool inside veins
  • Birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy
  • Injury to a vein’s inner lining from surgery or vasculitis
  • Medical conditions that increase the blood’s ability to clot
  • Structural abnormality in the collarbone area that puts pressure on the vessels
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome

Preventing and treating blood clots

At Goshen Hospital Emergency Department, we treat blood clots in the arm with both noninvasive and medical treatments. Your personalized treatment can include:

  • Compression sleeves to improve blood flow
  • Thrombolytic medications to dissolve clots
  • Blood thinners
  • Vena cava filter to prevent a clot from reaching the lungs

Staying active to keep your blood flowing is one of the best defenses against blood clots. We’re dedicated to keeping your blood flowing as it should, whether that’s with emergency care or preventive screenings. Visit Goshen Health for complete care.

Goshen Hospital Emergency Department uses leading-edge technology to diagnose and treat blood clots in the arm in Goshen, IN.