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When you’re sidelined by an injury, it’s not just an inconvenience. It’s a game changer. When you have arthritis, it’s not just a nuisance. It’s a pain in the…everything. That’s why you need care from not just any orthopedic provider.

Broad range of specialists

At Goshen Physicians Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, we’re dedicated to getting you feeling great again—no matter where you hurt. That’s why we have a broad range of specialists, including:

Hip & Knee Pain Assessment

In just a few short minutes, this simple quiz will tell you if a consultation with an orthopedic specialist might be a good first step toward regaining your mobility and decreasing your pain.

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Personalized orthopedic care

Our experienced surgeons, physicians, nurse practitioners and therapists join forces to personalize your treatment. We never take a “one size fits all” approach. And we’ll be there with you all the way—answering questions, giving you choices, and making sure you understand what’s going on.


Pain and injuries can be complex—just like you are. Whether you have arthritis or joint pain, a fracture due to an accident, or a sports injury, our entire team is here to help you heal.


We take the time to get to know your needs and lifestyle. We offer both surgical and non-surgical options as well as rehabilitation services to help minimize pain and maximize recovery.


We’re passionate about personalized orthopedic care. From initial assessment to full recovery, our orthopedic specialists will make your treatment a moving experience, in more ways than one.

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Information is powerful – particularly when it relates to your health and your health care. You don't have to live in pain. From diagnosis and treatment through rehabilitation and follow-up care, we're dedicated to getting you back to enjoying life.

Goshen Health News & Articles

  • Joint pain: When it’s time to see a doctor


    Joint pain can have a wide variety of causes. This can make it difficult to know when it is time to talk to a physician regarding pain you may be experiencing. Sometimes the joint pain can be from an acute injury. Sometimes the pain can be from a chronic ongoing condition with gradually increasing joint pain. There can also be acute flare-ups of pain with underlying chronic joint conditions. Here are some general guidelines.

  • Managing arthritis during COVID-19


    The best way to manage arthritis – during a pandemic or not – is to stay active. Sometimes people are worried that if they’re active, they’ll wear out their joints more quickly. But in fact, the opposite can also be true.
  • Saved by a second opinion


    A diagnosis of degenerative disc disorder had sent Steve Eash-Sanford on a 15-year journey in search of pain relief. Numbness and tingling in both hands had bothered him more every year. He had lost feeling in his ring and little fingers. Radiant pain constantly seized his arms and neck.

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We can help

As orthopedic specialists, we offer the latest surgical and non-surgical solutions to help you feel your best. When you need us, we’re right here in Goshen—and we’re always here to help. For more information about how we can treat your orthopedic pain, give us a call.

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